New Service! – Myofascial Release

Now available  –  Myofascial Release!

I am pleased to announce that over the past eight months, I have completed all the requirements for certification in Canine Myofascial Release – the technique is applicable to equines as well.

A non-invasive and gentle technique (Barnes method),  Myofascial Release works on the fascia, the thin tissue that covers all of the organs of the body, every muscle and even every fiber inside each muscle.  (Think of the membranes inside an orange – it surrounds and separates each cell, each segment, and all around the orange under the skin.)  When muscles are injured, the fibres and fascia surrounding them becomes short and tight; this stress can be transmitted through the fascia to other parts of the body.  Picture the fascia as a knit sweater – it puckers in the area of a pull, and that pucker is seen pulling throughout the whole sweater, pulling the shape askew.  MFR works to restore the far reaching effects of a fascial restriction by releasing the uneven tightness caused by injured or stressed tissue.

Light direct pressure or light stretching is applied to an area of tightness and then the practitioner waits for the hands to sink to a deeper level as the tissue relaxes before the stretch is increased.  The response of the animal’s body guides how much pressure to use, the direction of the stretch, and how long to apply pressure.

The benefits of this treatment are significant and I’m excited to be able to have these techniques as part of my treatment arsenal for my clients.