Equine Massage

Equine massage adds a great deal to your routine health care. In conjunction with your vet, chiropractor, farrier, coach, trainer, and others in your care team, bodywork can address issues that affect your horse’s performance and health. As a maintenance tool, it stimulates circulation which enhances muscle health, tone and flexibility; massage also effects relaxed movement, increases length of stride, balance, and general well-being.

Regular massage can help to identify changes in body condition, balance or specific zones, any of which can help assess your conditioning program, or may be a signal for further veterinary investigation. Early detection of small issues allows investigation and treatment before they become larger problems.

Massage can be part of your horse’s rehabilitation period after injury or surgery, per your veterinarian’s recommendation and guidance in treatment.

Please take a look the FAQ and Requirements links for more specific details, and feel free to email for further information. Massage and other bodywork does not replace veterinary attention. Proper veterinary care is critical to your animal’s health and wellbeing, and your vet should always be consulted first.