Clients Say

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After his massages, Flame showed greater range of motion in his shoulder, and seemed much more comfortable. He also clearly enjoyed the process. Thank you, Carolyn!        – Carole Marshall

I’ve ridden Mase several times since his massage and he feels so different! He moves better, more fluidly, and is much more responsive. Even out in the field I’ve come out and seen him running just for the sake of running, with his tail up in the air. The difference in him is amazing! It’s actually like riding a different horse, he just seems so much happier and he loves when I do the stretches that you showed me. He seems to appreciate it a lot.     – Lindsay Lavalee

Bear is a seven year old Bernese Mountain Dog and he was having problems with stiffness and restricted range of motion in his back legs. Since he has started his massage treatments, Bear has seen greatly improved mobility. He enjoys his sessions with Carolyn and he is certainly a much happier and more comfortable dog.   – Mark Mason

Carolyn has been giving regular massages to Jazzy, my 17 year old Arabian mare, for almost 2 years now. Jazzy has suffered from recurrent founder for 10 years, she is quite lame and frequently in a moderate amount of pain. Carolyn’s massages have made a great difference in Jazzy’s comfort level. The massages really help her move more freely, I see the difference after each treatment. And, Jazz seems to love the massage, well except when Carolyn tries to work on her tummy..a no go zone! Thank you Carolyn! You have made a real difference in Jazz’s life.
– Jackie

Cypress says “Ahhhhhhh.”