About Carolyn

Carolyn T Kutchyera, EBW, CCM, Cert.-HSA, BA

(and other alphabet soup ingredients)

There have been very few ‘dog or horse-less’ periods in my life; those few times were to accommodate university years, travelling, or early career development.  My first horse (a six year old off the track thoroughbred) lived a healthy 34 years (nearly 35). I credit him with inspiring me to begin the learning journey with equine physiology and bodywork in my quest to keep him active, healthy, and happy.

A highly distrustful young OTTB mare invaded my life in 2003. She taught me a great deal on the relationship between humans and horses. The use of therapeutic touch opened up the doors of communication between us, and provided the foundation for our now solid and trusting friendship. She has become a confident mare who has faith in humans. She continues to humble me, and keeps me solidly on the learning path.

Kayli and Tyee Sept 2010


I am an enthusiastic participant in dog agility, and have been an instructor since January 2004 (with Hi Flyers Agility Training, Winnipeg). My current agility teammates are a young border collie (we’re still a team in early development!), and a 13.5 year old rescue.  With both of them, especially our senior girl, I’ve seen for myself the benefits that regular stretching and bodywork has had on their athleticism.Leko 1 yr old


Agility has taught me to see how a canine athlete develops, and has helped me to view the body from a physiological point of view.  I am fascinated with how it all works together, from conditioning of the muscles, to nutrition, skeletal structure and joint health, circulation, coordination, instinct and relationships. The more I learn, the more I realize what I do not know, and I take great pleasure in researching new topics by talking to medical professionals, observing, and reading.

I achieved certification as an Equine Body Worker (EBW)  from Equinology Inc. in August 2006, having begun formal studies in August 2005. I was awarded the 2007 J.W. Pattillo Scholarship to help further my training with advanced studies at Equinology, an honour and an opportunity that I am very grateful for.

In August 2008,  I became certified as a canine massage practitioner, and dogs were added to Backstretch’s services.  I have also certified in Canine Myofascial Release, and continue to take various courses on a yearly basis to broaden my knowledge base and keep abreast of changes in the field.

In early 2013, I attained certification in Canine Hydrotherapy through the prestigious Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy training programme – based in the UK.  I am very excited with the new avenues this has opened in helping to keep our canine buddies in top form!


I am committed to improving my knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis.  I do this through attending courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences; keeping abreast of current research via the web, trade publications, books and DVDs; and taking every opportunity to discuss issues with veterinarians and other professionals.  I am committed to providing the best care possible to my equine and canine clientele.